Fri, 18th of Jan, 2013

Diarrhoea causes eighteen percent of all deaths in children under five, which accounts for nearly two million deaths in developing countries every year. On the average, a child under five years will have approximately 3.2 episodes of diarrhea each year.


  1. Treatment of diarrhea with oral rehydration solution (ORS) reduces mortality due to dehydration. Zinc supplementation could help reduce the duration and the severity of diarrhea, and therefore have an additional benefit over ORS in reducing children mortality.
  2. Combination of Zinc and ORS is a safe, effective and inexpensive treatment of diarrhea in developing countries.
  3. Where feasible, families should be encouraged to have ORS ready-to-mix packages and Zinc (syrup or tablet) readily available for use as needed.
  4. WHO and UNICEF recommend 10 to 20mg of Zinc per day for children with diarrhea, at least twice the recommended daily allowance.

Studies show that Zinc supplementation lessened the need for hospitalization of patients with diarrhea.

During the acute and persistent phase of diarrhea, there is need for supplementation of micronutrients and amino acid which is lost and all these is formulated in amino pep forte which makes it an ideal product for patients suffering from diarrhea.

WHO and UNICEF recommend 10 to 20mg of zinc per day for children with diarrhea at least twice the recommended daily allowance. Aminopep syrup contains 11.37mg of elemental zinc per 15ml. Most children will get recommended value in 10ml (2 teaspoonfuls) twice or thrice daily.

Amino Pep: The Zinc advantage in diarrhea.

  1. Reduced duration of diarrhea episodes
  2. Reduced severity of the episode and incidence of diarrhea
  3. Lessens need for hospitalization.

Aminopep Forte syrup is a special amino acid formulation prepared to have the right amino acid balance to ensure efficient utilization and optimum protein synthesis and contains elemental zinc which meets the WHO/UNICEF recommendation in diarrhea management.